Bang Em Smurf Says 50 Cent Put A Hit On Him

By HHL Editors

Bang Em Smurf and 50 Cent came up together. But they had a falling out once Fif got fame, and things got physical between the two during 2004's Summer Jam.

But Bang Em told Report Card Radio that he had reconciled recently with 50, in part because he says he felt bad for all the Ls Fif was taking.

The reconciliation only lasted until he saw 50's short film 'I'm The Man,' which dropped earlier this month.

"If you see his new video 'I'm the Man', he's got a lot of bozos in his video, "Smurf explained." Some of these niggas is Queens niggas. These niggas is lame niggas in that video so that's why no one respect Fif no more. He lost his respect and the niggas he got around him, the streets don't respect 'cause they know about 'em."
Smurf added that one of the guys in the video had taken a shot at him --- proving 50 once tried to have him killed.

"It really fucked the Unit when I seen that video," he explained. "Like these the niggas he running with? That confirmed he put a hit on me. That's how it's confirmed ... cause the same nigga who tried to take a shot at me was in that video ... I'll never be friends with none of that."
What do you think? Would 50 try to snuff Smurf out? Or was it just coincidence that the shooter was in Fif's visuals?

Check out the interview below. Smurf goes on to say both 50 Cent and Meek Mill are finished.

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