Bang 'Em Smurf Claims He Saved 50 Cent From Getting Offed

By HHL Editors

Bang Em Smurf and 50 Cent have a long and complicated history.

When we last heard from the former G-Unit affiliate he was complaining that his brief reconciliation with Fif was over, because he had just realized that 50 had once put out a hit on him. 

In a new interview with Report Card Radio, Smurf goes back to the past again. This time he recalled  he saved 50's life when the old heads in their hood wanted to off the upstart.

"I felt sorry for the nigga," Smurf said. "Nigga had no money. He was broke. He had nothing. All he had was his two chains he had from his other deal because Columbia dropped him and just left him with the jewelry. 'Don't worry about nothing else,' they said. 'You a tax write-off.' felt bad for the nigga. He had nothing. He was on his last leg. You know me, me being a good nigga, I am always going to stand up for a nigga who I think is a real nigga in a bad position at the time. I should've let the nigga suffer. I should've let them old heads kill him."
Check out the interview below. In it, Smurf makes sure to also clown 50 for being a bad dresser.

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