B.o.B. Is Now Questioning the Slave Trade [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Last year, B.o.B. got on Twitter andtold the world that the world was flat.

Bobby Ray wouldn't back down from his round earth skepticism even after science and scientists got involved and tried to tell him otherwise.

Now he's questioning something else we all learned about in school: The slave trade.

They say slavery lasted 400 yrs... America is only 250 yrs old... You ever seen a slave ship ? They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can't find any slave ships. #AseerTheDukeofTiers #apparently #SlaveryIsNotInMyDNA #WeBeenHere

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According to B.o.B., the notorious transatlantic slave trade never happened because he's never personally seen one of the centuries-old boats that would have been used to transport the slaves.

Judging from the video he posted, this seems to be part of a broader theory that black people are really from North America but the white man somehow changed the "time-space coordinates" in a way that confused them into thinking they weren't.

Do you think B.o.B. actually believes this stuff or is he just trying to (successfully) get us to write about him?

He tries to explain himself more here.

BoB said what ? MyWord! Know Thyself #apparently for more detailed info on these topics look into the message of : #AseerTheDukeOfTiers #TajTarikBey __________. ***Commercial Break*** BTW ... Houston!!! I'm in the city and I'm looking to build and connect with the tribe, if u looking for verses hit up b rich 404.964.4964

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