Azealia Banks Slashed Sister's Neck With Box Cutter

By HHL Editors

Azealia Banks has returned to the United States and is about to face charges that she bit a female security guard's breast after she wasn't allowed into VIP section of a Manhattan club.

In pre-trial deliberations the prosecutor revealed some disturbing information about Banks's past.

In 2009, the rapper/troll was arrested for slicing her sister with a box cutter in the "neck, the arm and the hand."

She plead guilty, but was given special considerations because she was 17.

Prosecutors are asking the judge permission to bring up the incident in her upcoming trial. They  also want to talk about the time she attacked airline passenger  and called a flight attended a "faggot" and the incident in which she threatened to stab the other guests at a party in Russell Crowe's hotel room.

Jury selection for the breast biting case starts this week.

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