Azealia Banks Is Now Threatening People With Close-Up Vag Pics

By HHL Editors

Troll princess Azealia Banks isn't shy about showing her goods. She's this month's Playboy covergirl after all.

In the article which accompanies her nude pics, the 23-year old did her courting-controversy-thing by saying she hated America and especially all the fat white people in it.

In response, Matt Walsh, a blogger for Glenn Beck's website The Blaze, invited Banks to leave America.

Now we had been under the impression that Banks quit Twitter for Lent.  But you can add bad Catholic to her list of sins because not only is she back on it, but she used it to send Walsh a picture of her vagina.

Banks Vagina

Banks has since deleted the photo, but Walsh preserved a censored version.

He also had this to say to Banks:

Walsh tweet Walsh Tweet 2

If you really need to see Banks's vagina and feel cheated by Walsh's censorship you will have to buy a copy of Playboy.

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