Azealia Banks Goes In On RZA For Talking About Her In Interviews

By Daryl Nelson

Azealia Banks just tore into RZA even though he's been saying a lot of nice things about her recently.

Last week, the legendary producer and Mathematics were promoting the Wu-Tang Clan's latest album Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues when he was asked about that argument Banks had with actor Russell Crowe last year. It was right around the time Banks was filming RZA's movie Love Beats Rhymes.

Instead of bad mouthing Banks or going into the details of the argument, RZA praised the rapper's acting skills and overall talent. But that didn't stop her from blasting him.

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She also wrote this:

"Nobody understands how badly I wanted to die the moment RZA lied and told the world I deserved to be spat," she stated. "People laughed at me and said I lied. No one understands the amount of pain that came with and after that incident. Just fucking respect me and stop saying my name. RZA I hope you drop dead."
Why do you think RZA hired Banks in the first place, considering she has a history of losing it on people?
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