Azealia Banks And Erykah Badu Go At It On Twitter

By HHL Editors

We thought notorious Twitter troll Azealia Banks had a new thing. She was going to get attention by taking off her clothes.

Silly us, we should have known that just cause you're doing Playboy doesn't mean you can't also still get salty on Twitter.

Banks' latest social media beef is with Erykah Badu, whom you probably haven't heard a lot about lately.

Somebody asked Badu in a Tweet what she thought about Banks. Since the 1,257th law of Twitter is that if you mention Azealia's name she will appear, this is what happened.

Badu tried to shut down Banks down with a "You mad, bro" type retort. Of course that didn't work on such an experienced social media warrior. But, as you can see in her final tweet, Badu made clear that, like Banks, she was in NYC. Cat fight?

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