Audio Of Beanie Sigel Telling The Game He Doesn't Care About Meek Emerges

By HHL Editors

The Meek Mill-Game-Beanie Sigel beef has faded into the background.

But a just leaked audio recording provides some insight into why Sigel and Meek's camp so quickly turned against each other.

In the clip, somebody who's clearly Beans speaks to someone who sounds like The Game.

In the beginning of the recording, Game seems to be telling Sigel that Meek's using him.

Here's how Beans responds.

You got every right to do whatever you want to Meek," Sigel tells Game. "That's y'all beef.  I'm not calling about Meek. I don't care. Literally I could give 2 shits.  I ain't making no paper with Meek. Meek ain't trying to do nothing for me. He ain't call me to ask me to do a record or nothing."

Does just change your opinion about the Meek-Game-Sigel triangle?

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