Ashton Kutcher Reveals Drake & 50 Cent's Unaired Reactions To Being Punk'D [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Ashton Kutcher dropped by The Late Show last night, and revealed an interesting tidbit about his former show Punk'd.

According to Kutcher, they wouldn't always air footage which overly embarrassed their celebrity victims.

Then he proceeded to snitch on Drake and 50 Cent's less than manly -- and unaired -- reactions to getting pranked.

First he talked about Drake, who was tricked into thinking he was in an earthquake while his SUV was in a parking garage back in 2012.

Here's the Drizzy reaction that Kutcher cut:

“He was in the car and we started rattling the car and the whole garage, and he jumped in his buddy’s lap and he’s like literally fetal-ed up," he told James Corden. "Canadian fetal-ed up into his buddy’s lap. And I was like, ‘Yo, Drake just fetal-ed up,’ and then we had to cut that out.”
As for 50, his prank involved a suspicious character boarding his private jet while it was on the runway. As security ushered the invader off, 50 flipped out, left the jet, and started booking down the runway.

Kutcher explained that he ran after Fif, telling him it was prank.  But 50 was so startled he ran "like two miles" before they could calm him down.

While Kutcher doesn't explicitly reveal 50 as the running rapper, he gives away his identity by quoting a line from his hit 'In Da Club.'

Anyway, some of those pranks Kutcher and company pulled were pretty savage, so we can't blame anybody for reacting the way they did.

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