Ashanti Says A Very Famous Producer Wanted To Trade Beats For "Dates"

By Daryl Nelson

A growing number of women have come forward to say they've been either sexually assaulted, raped, harassed or mistreated by men in the entertainment industry.

One of the latest women to do so is Ashanti, who said that a famous producer was willing to give her free beats for a date.

"I was in this situation where this producer —who's super dope, super talented, has a gazillion number ones — he was trying to take me out," she explained on The Breakfast Club. "[He said] 'If you do this and we go out, I'll give you all of this for free.' I'm just like, 'What? That's never gonna happen.' Then he was like, 'Alright, I need $45,000 for this one, I need $50,000 for this one' ... He didn't understand that I had a bunch of big brothers at the time. I had to get it handled. That's smooth now, but it happened."

Which producer do you think Ashanti was talking about?

While Ashanti hasn't dropped an album in a minute, she's been impressing on Instagram.

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