Ashanti Responds To Rumor That She's Gotten Back With Nelly

By Daryl Nelson

A lot of people said they wanted Ashanti and Nelly back together after seeing them grind on each other while performing their song “Body On Me" at Under The Mistletoe in Arizona earlier this month.

"I mean, there’s Ben & Jen.. can we get a Nelly & Ashanti reboot pleaseeee," one of their fans tweeted.

Ashanti addressed all of the talk this week on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“Oh my gosh. I saw a lot of comments,” she said “I mean, my reaction was, wow. It was a lot of comments and a lot of people wanting that. What I will say is we’re in a better place. … We’re cool now. We had some conversations. So, it’s cool.”

But Ashanti totally dodged Cohen's question about whether she and Nelly are an item again. 

Check it out above.

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