Are These The King And Queen Of Rap?


It was a good troll. A parody account of Iggy Azelea posted a photo of the Australian booty shaker next to buster of ceilings Macklemore under the caption "the king and queen of rap."

Not everybody got the whole parody thing. There were quite a few angry responses posted under the photo, thanks to Macklemore's clever way of merging hip-hop and pop and Azelea's down-under authenticity problems. (And, of course, them being two very pale humans.) The post also tricked a rather major news organization.

But it does beg the question: Where do Macklemore and Azelea stand in rap's royal hierarchy? We can dismiss any claims that Macklemore might have to the crown by simply looking at the numbers. Just yesterday, Forbes released their list of top earners in hip-hop. Macklemore (along with Ryan Lewis) came fifth, trailing Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Diddy and Drake. And that was during a run of (heavily crossover) success he is unlikely to ever repeat. Macklemore strikes us as a rap prince who could get downgraded to duke at any moment.

As for Iggy ... she is pretty ubiquitous, and has some interesting skills. Where would you rank her?

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