Are Lana Del Rey And Machine Gun Kelly Teaming Up Against Eminem?


Machine Gun Kelly and Lana Del Rey both have shady histories with Eminem. Del Rey was in the middle of another Em controversy when he rapped this about her during the SHADY CXVPHER a few years back.

"Play nice, bitch I'll punch Lana Del Ray in the face twice like Ray Rice / in broad daylight / in plain sight of elevator surveillance / 'til the head is bangin' on the railin' / then celebrate with the Ravens."

As for MGK and Eminem ... that's fresh enough for you to remember.

So when Lana posted this clip of a new MGK track on her IG yesterday, folks wondered if they were going to team up on the Rap God.

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Others have speculated that they are going to take on MGK's other white rapper rival G-Eazy, who Del Rey dated before he got with Halsey.

Or perhaps they are coming for Azealia Banks (if they are coming for anyone) who Del Rey recently threatened to "fuck up."



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