Aqib Talib Breaks Down Why He Snatched Michael Crabtree's Chain [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

talibYesterday's game against the Broncos was a disaster for the Raiders.

They lost their two seed, they lost another quarterback, and receiver Michael Crabtree lost a piece of his chain.

The latter happened in one of the more bizarre incidents you're going to see on a football field.

After the game, the Broncos chain snatching cornerback Aqib Talib explained why he went for Crabtree's jewelry.

Crabtree obviously wasn't happy with that explanation.

"You hard? You tough? You snatch a chain in front of the police and run off?" Crabtree told ESPN's Paul Gutierrez. "I could have cut [block] him. I could have hurt him."
Was Talib's move savagery or silliness?

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