Apparently, Tyga & Rob Kardashian Are Ganging Up On Blac Chyna

By HHL Editors

Blac Chyna is having duel baby daddy problems, and that's why she went off on Tyga earlier this week.

TMZ reports that Chyna flipped when she heard from Rob Kardashian that Tyga told had Rob she was tying to get back together with T-Raww.

Complicating things further, is that Rob and Tyga have become close friends since Chyna broke up with Rob, and she fears collusion.

TMZ's sources say it's all a big mix up: Tyga misinterpreted a call from Chyna about co-parenting as an invitation to get back together. Then he told Rob, who told Chyna, who then went nuts on T-raww on Snapchat.

Or it could be all of this fuckery is a plot to get some sort of three-way reality TV show going.


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