Another Riff Raff Fan Gets Soul Smacked Out Of Him After Getting On Stage

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, we got video of Kevin Gates's security making sure their guy didn't get Plies'd by a stage invader.

It was impressive hit, but it was nothing like what happened last month at a Riff Riff show when a misguided fan wandered up front and was absolutely destroyed.

Riff Raff's security must have seen Gates's team hit, because they just raised them another vicious stage ejection.

In the video below, Riff is playing his hit 'Dolce & Gabbana' when a someone jumps up on his stage. Jody gives the invader a quick shove, and then security jumps in.

They rag doll the dude, who unfortunately hits the edge of the stage on the way back to where he came form.

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