Andrew Bogut D’Angelo Russell'd Shaq On Live TV

By HHL Editors

This could be the last time Andrew Bogut gets invited to a post game show.

The Warriors center joined Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith and Grant Hill on NBA TV after Golden State walloped Cleveland 110-77 to take a 2-0 NBA Finals lead.

During the interview, Bogut revealed that Shaq had success with the ladies when he visited Bogut's home country of Australia.

"I met some ladies that met him back in Australia," Bogut said with a laugh.

"Welcome to De'Angelo Russell studios. The Australian office." Shaq joked.

The exchange seemed like it was in good fun. But if Bogut really did snitch on Shaq's personal life it wouldn't be the first time the big fella was done like that by a fellow baller.

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