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Amber Rose's Latest Thirst Trap Caught Slim Thug (And Us)

By HHL Editors

Amber Rose was in Hawaii yesterday, so she posed topless on a beach and put the photos on Instagram.

This caught Slim Thug's attention, and he made Rose his Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW.)

Slim and Rose have been friends for years -- she helped the Houston emcee celebrate his 30th birthday in 2010.

We'll see if his Internet flirtations will lead to something more. Kanye to Wiz to Slim Thug does have a certain downward logic to it.

(Speaking of Slim Thug, yesterday he also penned a short but strange article in the New York Times about the time he slept with his real estate and it cost him a lot of money.)

See the Amber pics that had Thug's tongue wagging below.

If only this beach was actually Topless #Maui ,/a>

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Groceries A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on
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