Is Amber Rose Trying To Physically Fight Kanye West?

By HHL Editors

Things got pretty intense between Amber Rose and her ex-Kanye West last week. 'Ye said Amber was such a hobag he needed to shower many times before switching over to Kim Kardashian, and then Rose pointed out that "Kartrashian" had her own hobag issues.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Rose is still feeling deeply hurt by Kanye's words, even after her effective comeback, and plans to "unleash a whole can of whoop ass" on West. Like, literally.

"Amber is no joke. She comes from the streets and not someone Kanye and the Kardashian want to mess with," the gossip sites source says. "She was ready to move on but Kanye had to run his mouth and now she’s ready to unleash a whole can of whoop ass on him and Kim. If they say anything and I mean anything she will attack. She feels like they have a lot more to lose than she does. The 30 showers comment by Kanye really upset her. Amber is having to defend herself from Wiz’s accusations and Kanye is just throwing more fuel on the fire. She’s so furious she would literally fight Kanye right now. She’s bigger than he is and said straight out, "I Will Kick His Ass." If she saw him right now she would absolutely take a swing at him and knock him out!"
Rose is bigger than 'Ye, and just ask Ray J what a larger lady scorned can do.

But even if she doesn't go on the attack physically, Rose likely knows things that Kanye might not want revealed. Should he be worried? Gay fish, anybody?

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