Allen Iverson Makes Bold Claim On What He Would Averge In Today's NBA


Allen Iverson won four scoring titles during his NBA career.

He also shot a woefully inefficient 42.5 percent from the field.

But it was a different time.  Scoring is much easier now, with hand-checking restricted, and Iverson would likely be more efficient if he played now.

He would also probably score more.  He addressed how much more during a chat with Shaq after getting permission to toot his own horn.

"I lost the scoring title to Kobe the year he average 35.  I averaged 33.  And I'm just thinking, like, if I was to play in this era, where it's wide open.  If I was to average 33, ima just take it up to 43.  Ten points more," The Answer said.

Shaq agreed.

Do you?

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