[Watch] Alleged Killer Robs Circle K, Take Hostages & Then Gets Beat Down By Them

By Benny Franklin

It's not every day you walk into a convenience store and are held hostage.  But that's exactly what happened to a group of strangers in Arizona. 

53-year-old Joel McClain Carson is suspected of barricading himself inside a Circle K in Phoenix, shooting and killing a man, and taking others hostage.

Unfortunately for Carson, the hostages weren't having it and flipped the script on the alleged killer. 

You see the gunman pacing around an aisle when one of the hostages suddenly attacks him, wrestling him to the ground. As they tussle, an employee rushes over and starts smashing the alleged killer over the head with a crate.

As they subdue him, more hostages rush over and help beat the man down.

After that, they flee the area, and the cops come in and shoot Carson, wounding, but not killing him.

Carson faces a first-degree murder charge for the death of Efran Hernandez, a 24-year old father of two.

Peep the clip below. 

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