Alleged Audio Of Z-Ro Beating of Just Brittany Surfaces

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Z-Ro was arrested last month and charged with beating his girlfriend Just Brittany.

The assault took place in April, and Brittany alleges he beat her for multiple hours.

Z-Ro has denied the charges, claiming his ex is pulling a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming reality show.

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Now audio of what is alleged to be Z-Ro beating Just Brittany has surfaced:

This is supposedly the audio for the #JustBrittany and Z-Ro situation.

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In the clip, a male voice threatens to kill a female voice. She tells him to stop hitting her and let her go.

“Bitch you better shut up in my house, I’ll suffocate you, bitch," the male voice says, and than mocks her crying. "You're a pussy ass bitch that's all you ever was."
After being arrested, Z-Ro was released on a 50K bond and order to stay away from Brittany.

If these tapes are legit, the Houston rapper is in some serious trouble.

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