'All Eyez On Me' Producer Releases Video Of 2Pac Denying He Was Raped

By HHL Editors

All Eyez On Me producer L.T. Hutton has been at war with the film's former director John Singleton over the 2Pac biopic.

Among their points of contention is a version of John Singleton's script in which he had 2Pac being raped in prison.

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Earlier today, Hutton posted on Instagram an old video of Pac vehemently denying he was raped while locked up.

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"I had little girls writing to me crying, 'you got raped in jail, I'm so sorry,' 2Pac explained. "That shit right there is what will fuel the anger that will never die. I had to write letters to a thousand little kids explaining to them that I would be dead before a motherfucker would rape me, and you know that!"
Do you think Singleton was out of line for suggesting 2Pac was raped?

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