Adrien Broner Remixes 'Panda' As TMT/Floyd Mayweather Diss

By HHL Editors

Adrien Broner has been in the news as much lately for his antics and legal problems as his boxing.

He addresses those legal problems in his latest antic -- a 'Panda' remix called 'Slammer' (as in what he's trying to stay out of.)

As you can see Broner is attempting to provoke his former mentor Floyd Mayweather with his lyrics.

“I watch all of these niggas/I got Floyd going against me, I really ain’t tripping,” he raps. “Turned on me over some business/I found out I couldn’t get him, so I knocked out his nigga.”
Is this going to get Money out of retirement and into the ring?

Or should Mayweather just get his boy 50 to dismiss Broner in bars?

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