Adrien Broner Is Wanted For Robbery And Assault

By HHL Editors

Adrien Broner is getting his Katt Williams on.

The WBA super lightweight champion and defender of Young Thug's sexuality is wanted by Cincinnati police for felonious assault and aggravated robbery after a day at the bowling alley gone wrong.

Apparently, Broner and another man were gambling on some ten pin and the other man took a good deal of money from Broner. So Broner waited for him outside the bowling alley, jumped him, and beat the man unconscious. By the time the victim came to, Broner had grabbed his gun from his car. He threatened the man with the weapon, took back the money, and then knocked him out again for good measure.

Yes, this sounds vaguely like a scene in the movie Kingpin.

Broner sorta denied the charges with this retweet:

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