Adidas Basketball 2015 BHM Collection

By Quinn L.V. McDonald

Adidas is joining Nike in celebrating Black History Month with a sneaker pack. Much like with the Swoosh's collection, Adidas will use its signature kicks like the D Rose 5 Boost, J Wall 1, D Lillard 1, and Crazy 8 as canvases to build on.

The sneaks honor not only black culture/history, but in particular NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The wise words of the famed Skyhook baller grace the bronze/tan upper of each shoe, and add a typographical design flare not often seen. Each kick is dedicated to a specific era of Jabbar's career.

The D Rose 5 Boost reads "The Hook Shot is Worth A Thousand Words," highlighting Kareem's 1969-75 Milwaukee Buck years. On the J Wall 1, "Rules Are What Make The Game Challenging" is inscribed, honoring his 65-69 UCLA career. Th words on the D Lillard 1s, "When The Music Changes So Does The Dance," are dedicated to Abdul-Jabbar's 75-89 Lakers stint. And, lastly, the Crazy 8s read “Fundamentals are the Foundation For Excellence," and honor his 1961-65 high school days.

You might catch D. Rose, J. Wall and D. Lillard sporting their special BHM kicks on the court today, but the rest of us have to wait a little bit longer. The Crazy 8s ($110) drop January 23. January 30th will bring us the D. Rose 5 Boost ($140) and J. Wall 1s ($115.) Finally, the D. Lillard 1 ($105) is set to drop February 6th. Have a great MLK Day.

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