Actually, Trinidad James Did Not Win A Grammy

By HHL Editors

Trinidad James, Grammy winner.

It didn't sound right. And it turns out it's not right.

Everybody assumed James had took home a trophy Sunday night when 'Uptown Funk' won Record Of The Year at the Grammys.

James (real name Nicholas Williams) is listed as one of the track's writers because it samples from his hit "All Gold Everything.'

James thought he had won too, and spoke of winning even more Grammys in a post show interview.

But alas, it wasn't to be. James was instead a victim of the distinction between Song Of The Year, which rewards the performers and songwriters, and Record of The Year, which rewards the performers and producers.

The 2016 Song of the Year went to Ed Sheeran for 'Thinking Out Loud', a track that did not sample James.

On the bright side, James has still made about $150,000 on 'Uptown Funk.'

However, he was still feeling salty toward the news organizations who were the first to point out he's not a Grammy winner after all:

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