Action Bronson Takes Shots At Ghostface Killah

By HHL Editors

Action Bronson gets asked about his voice twin Ghostface Killah in just about every interview.

When they brought it up during Action's appearance on Sports Nation The Mr. Wonderful emcee's initial response was that he's "just glad it’s one of the greats" that he's always likened to.

But as the interview continued, he started taking shots at Ghostface, saying “He’s not rappin’ like this no more."

Then, after one of the hosts suggested that the Wu Tang member needs a remix, Action shot back "he needs something."

As you can see, the hosts certainly thought Action was dissing Ghostface. Action took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to clear the air. Today he deleted some of the tweets, but they remain transcribed below.

Shorter Action: "Ghostface is a legend, but please stop asking me about him."

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