Action Bronson Just Had Emergency Surgery

By HHL Editors

This week Action Bronson was in Alaska, shooting his cooking show Fuck That’s Delicious.

According to his Instagram page, Action has been chowing down on Baked Whitefish with rendered Seal Oil, Caribou Stew, BowHead Whale and Cooked Beluga Whale Blubber.

One of these arctic delicacies must have disagreed with Bronson, because yesterday the 31-year old had emergency surgery.

Well this Alaska trip turned into me having emergency surgery. #Fuckthatsdelicious #Recovery

A photo posted by Action Bronson (@bambambaklava) on

Action didn't disclose exactly what was wrong with him. Get well soon.

Cooked Beluga Whale Blubber accompanied by raw frozen Caribou. #fuckthatsdelicious A photo posted by Action Bronson (@bambambaklava) on
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