Acid Rap Pioneer Esham Says Eminem Is A 'Bitch' Who Lets Detroit Down

By HHL Editors

The grim, hallucinogenic rock-influenced style of Hip Hop that Esham pioneered as a teenager in late 80s Detroit clearly influenced a young Eminem.

Eminem even gave a shout out to the father of "Acid Rap" in the 1999 track 'Still Don’t Give a Fuck,' referring to himself as "a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy."

But then Esham dissed Em's daughter Hailey in 2001's 'Chemical Imbalance,' and that destroyed their relationship.

It's been almost 15 years since then, but Esham is still coming at Eminem.

"I am tired of Eminem,” Esham said in an interview with UGS Radio. "I just want him to keep it real and quit being a bitch. He fucking sold a lot of people out in the city, man. He needs to stop disrespecting the city and making people hate Detroit even more. That's what that was about. Don't even say shit about Detroit.'" "With the ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ don't say Detroit vs. everybody… you don’t help nobody in the city," he continued. "You got a radio station and nobody gets played on your station? Come on, B. Get the fuck outta here. You got 50 hundred million dollars and you ain't doing shit. Do something for the schools, anything, I don't wanna hear that shit. If you say something about Detroit, I'm gonna say something about you. Let somebody say something to me. I ain't gonna say shit. I ain't lyin' on that muthafucka."
Do you think Esham has a point about Eminem? Or is he trolling like the male Azealia Banks? We'd really like to hear from any Detroit readers here.

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