About Kendrick Lamar Buying George Zimmerman's Gun ...

By HHL Editors

Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman made his bid to be the worst person in the world last week when he attempted to auction off the gun he used to kill Martin.

The sale bounced from one auction site to another, and was rightfully beset by fake bids from users with names like "Racist McShootface", which drove the price up to $65 million.

Then, over the weekend, the Internet started buzzing about Kendrick Lamar purchasing the gun and smashing it with a hammer in a concert.

This didn't make much sense: the logistics of an auction seemed to preclude K.Dot from getting the gun that quickly.

The rumor came from this article, which -- if you read the fine print -- was from a "satirical" news site.

kendrick lamar zimmerman

It's good to know that Lamar didn't really line Zimmerman's pockets, or play any part in his vile self-promotion.

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