ABC Worried About J-Lo And Iggy's Butts On AMA's; Will Allow On-Stage Spanking

By HHL Editors

The American Music Awards are airing Sunday night on ABC, did ya know? Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez will be performing their hit 'Booty' and the channel's executives are worried their moves will be a little too bootylicious for a network audience.

According to TMZ, ABC honchos are sweating bullets, in fear they might have another Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson situation on their hands. They've imposed a no crack and no rubbing rule, and the performance will be on a three to four second delay.

Interestingly, they have not forbidden spanking, which there is a some of in the video for the track.

Azalea has the most AMA nominations with six, including Best Artist.

Is the chance for a little lite S&M between J-Lo and Iggy enough to get you to want to watch the AMAs? You could also just peek the video that started it all (below), and instead flip your channel to the Giants And the Cowboys.

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