A$AP Rocky Speaks On Notorious Black Lives Matter Comments Post Swedish Arrest


In 2016, A$AP Rocky kicked up a controversy when he said this about the Black Lives Matter movement during a Breakfast Club interview.

"Why, because I’m Black? So every time something happens because I’m Black I gotta stand up? What the f*ck am I, Al Sharpton now? I’m A$AP Rocky. I did not sign up to be no political activist,” Rocky said on the morning show. “I don’t wanna talk about no f*cking Ferguson and sh*t because I don’t live over there! I live in f*cking Soho and Beverly Hills. I can’t relate. I’m in the studio. I’m in these fashion studios. I’m in these bitches’ drawers. I’m not doing anything outside of that. That’s my life.”

Rocky's life took a turn last year when he got arrested for a street fight in Sweden. As he awaited trial locked up in a foreign land, lots of folks brought up the notorious interview. In a new interview with Kerwin Frost, A$AP Rocky addressed all of that chatter.

“I thought I addressed that in the past and to be in jail hearing people still trying to stir up some weird sh*t,” Rocky told Frost. “What I will say though is in those old interviews I used to say ‘I think it’s inappropriate for me to rap about things I didn’t help with,'” he continued. “I felt like when it came to Ferguson, J. Cole went down there and he actually was on the news and he helped. I felt like he deserved to rap about it. So when someone ask me that in 2015 I’m like: ‘I just feel, personally, if I’m in SoHo or I’m here I can’t even talk on that’… That’s appropriating. … It’s not sincere. It’s pretentious.”

What do you think of Rocky's explanation, which comes at about 52 minutes?

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