A$AP Rocky Speaks On Movie Role In 'Dope'

By Sermon

The Hip Hop flavored movie Dope got all sorts of buzz at the Sundance Film festival last week, and was bought by Universal for $7 million, meaning it will get a wider release sometime this year.  A$AP Rocky has a role in the movie, and he spoke to The New York Times about the interesting way he got the part. Check out an excerpt below.

NYT: You were really good in “Dope.” Is it true you approached the director, Rick Famuyiwa, about being in the film?

Rocky: Yeah. I was helping [former fiancee] Chanel with her lines, and there was one role where I was like, “Oh, this dumb kid, he seems a little interesting. I want to go for it.” I was actually in London recording my album, and I figured I’d just send a video in. So I sent two videos, and they liked them. And two months later, when I flew to L.A., I met up with Rick and did an audition in front of him, and he just decided to go with me. To be honest with you, I was worried that I didn’t get the role. I was pissed.

NYT: How did you find out that you got it?

Rocky: Via text message from Rick. He wrote me, like, “Congratulations, Dom.” And I was like, “What? Did I get him correct just now? Am I trippin’? Am I buggin’?”

NYT: There aren't many modern movies dealing with hip-hop.

Rocky: This was the first in a long time! That’s why I had to be a part of it.

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