A$AP Rocky Is Pretty Ambivalent About Ex Iggy Azalea

By HHL Editors

We haven't heard much from Iggy Azalea lately, besides the news she got breast implants.

That's because the Australian import has left social media, saying she couldn't deal with the bullying.

Yes, Iggy's not very popular with Hip Hop fans. But fairly prominant emcees -- from Kendrick Lamar to Lupe Fiasco to YG -- have actually thrown her some pretty kind words over the last six months.

A$AP Rocky would be another one who you think might say nice things about Iggy, since they used to be a thing.

But, alas, in his interview with Complex he took a fairly ambivalent stance.

OK, let’s go back to an old relationship: How do you feel about the criticism of Iggy Azalea for not being an “authentic” rapper? That [situation with Iggy] is unfortunate because nobody wants to be portrayed that way. I’m quite sure she doesn't. I think she works hard like the rest of us. Silly or not, 300 million people like to watch it on YouTube, so who the fuck are we to say anything? So you don’t think the criticism is fair? It comes with the game. If she fake on something, somebody is going to call her bluff. That’s life. I’m not looking at it from a standpoint of “I used to be boning this chick’s back out.” I’m looking at it [as] “She’s just a person.” You can’t bluff. You gotta just be 100. That’s all I could really say. The question is: Was she not being 100 about something?
Rocky goes on to say he thinks Iggy will be OK, but he certainly leaves it up in the air on the whole "authenticity" thing.

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