A$AP Rocky Blasts The State Of Hip Hop; Says 'Rap Is The New Wrestling’

By HHL Editors

A$AP Rocky admitted that he is frustrated with the state of Hip Hop during an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"Rap is the new wrestling," Rocky told the crowd. The 26-year old went on to explain that artists are now following the WWE-like formula of take a weird name + say outlandish and quirky things = profit.

He added that he had become so dissatisfied with the Hip Hop scene that it is starting to limit the number of emcees he can collaborate with.

"I can’t do no records with people who, creatively, I don’t see eye to eye with," he explained.

Rocky didn't name any names, but who do you think he's talking about? (And is there maybe a glass house situation going on?)

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