A$AP Explains What Happened In New Zealand Elevator Fight

By HHL Editors

A$AP Rocky was involved in fisticuffs in a New Zealand elevator earlier this week.

However, what actually happened is a little different than what was initially reported.

The first accounts had Rocky, who was in the elevator with some ladies, telling three man they couldn't enter. So the men forced their way in and started punching A$AP.

In an interview with the AP, Rocky explained what really went down. He was in the elevator with some girls, but also his security. One man tried to force his way in, leading to a "fist exchange."

"The girls were fine," Rocky said. "They were OK. No scratches on the ladies. Everybody is fine."

"We didn't press no charges on nobody. They didn't press any charges on us. Everybody good. I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of it," he told the AP by phone.

A$AP may be downplaying things a bit. Police arrested a 35-year old man (presumably the one who tried to bum rush the elevator.) An officer was slightly injured in the incident, and one person was hospitalized.

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