‘Aaliyah: Princess of R&B’ Trailer Features Surprising Amount of Iggy Azalea


Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,' which will air on Lifetime on November 15, has been controversial from the start. The late singer's family fought to block the movie's producers from using the rights to Aaliyah's songs, believing she is more deserving of a big screen biopic than the basic cable treatment she is getting.

Than there was a brouhaha over the casting of Zendaya Coleman in the title role, with some deeming the biracial Disney Channel star as being too light-skinned to portray Aaliyah.

Coleman ended up dropping out of the project and was replaced by Alexander Shipp. We got our first glance of Shipp as Aaliyah in the teaser trailer for the film that Lifetime released earlier this week.

We think it's safe to say Shipp has Aaliyah's famous abs down.

A proper trailer was dropped exclusive on E! yesterday, and you can watch it here.

What's striking about it is the song that's playing. Instead of a hit from Aaliyah's catalog, Iggy  Azalea's "Goddess" plays in the background.

Could it be that producers still haven't locked down the rights to Aaliyah's songs? If so, it's going to be a strange movie.

Or maybe featuring the ubiquitous Australian in the trailer is just their way of trolling Rah Digga.

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