A Witness In Tory Lanez's Trial Says He Saw A Girl Shoot First

By Daryl Nelson

There was another plot twist on Tuesday in the trial involving Tory Lanez allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

One witness, a man named Sean Kelly, said he saw everything go down from his bedroom window.

"I believe I saw the girl shoot first," said Kelly, according to Rolling Stone. "I believed it was fireworks.”

The witness then said he saw a man firing shots and claimed that one of the women was jumped by the others.

"I just saw he was very angry, shouting, and then the flashes then came from him. I never saw a gun," Kelly explained, presumambly referencing Lanez.  “They were all fighting, so I just assumed he grabbed the gun ... The female victim who had been kicking all the time got out of the vehicle bleeding ... She was in a fetal position. She was all curled up on the floor and they were punching and kicking her. They were all beating her.”

What do you make of Kelly's testimony?



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