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A Bunch Of New Lil Wayne Music Hits The Internet

By Alox

It's never a surprise how ruthless, unforgiving, and impatient the Internet can be when it comes to some fresh music.

It feels like the good old days being that we've seen a good amount of unheard Lil Wayne songs surface on the road to the release of the long-awaited "Tha Carter 5".

While we wait, not so patiently, for that good news regarding a release date, today we get to hear three new unreleased cuts.

"Blood Klot" is said to be a throwaway from "No Ceilings 2" (No idea why something as tough as this song would be left off, but, thankfully it's here!)

The second track is titled "Deep Sleep" and is rumored to be from the recording sessions for his yet to be released "Velvet" album.

Last but not least, the third record is a collaboration with HoodyBaby titled "Bye Bae".

Listen to the lovely trio below!

Which is your favorite?

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