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A Beyoncé Fan Seemed To Predict Her Pregnancy Months Ago

By Daryl Nelson

Was Beyoncé's pregnancy really predicted by one of her fans?

Unless something really fishy is going on it looks that way, because in June someone with the Twitter handle @Beyoncefan666 said the singer was expecting. The fan also said she'd be making the announcement in February of 2017.

In addition, the person claimed to be a "low-key" psychic, and an intern at Bey's entertainment company Parkwood.

Meanwhile, some more pregnancy photos from Mrs. Carter has surfaced, including one that shows her daughter Blu Ivy kissing her belly, and another one where she's standing almost completely naked. You can see all of those images here.

Plus, you can read some other predictions from the Beyoncé fan that were accurate, like Donald Trump winning the presidency and Lady Gaga performing at the Superbowl.

Maybe that person will reveal themselves one day, or maybe we'll find out that all of those predictions were fake.

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