Eminem Could Be The Colin Kaepernick Of Rap After Trump Diss, Says Congressman

By Daryl Nelson

EminemĀ tore into Donald Trump during his rhyme at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which was broadcast on Tuesday. Now one congressman thinks he could help voter turnout in his home state of Michigan. Especially since the turnout was so low there during the last election.

"Eminem and many artists make an important cultural contribution, and we need to embed within our culture that voting is obligation, it's responsibility and if you don't vote that's not a protest, " said Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison while speaking to TMZ. "So Eminem who's a son of the state of Michigan in the city of Detroit is doing the right thing. He's doing what we expect artists to do, and I have my hats off to EminemĀ ... I love this trend. I hope that others follow suit. Eminem could be the Colin Kaepernick of the rap world if he just keeps it up."
What do you think about what the congressman said about Em being the Kaepernick of rap?

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