#ForTheDickChallenge Creator Blasts Everyone For Not Giving Her Credit

By Daryl Nelson

New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy said she's not getting the props she deserves for starting the #ForTheDickChallenge, where celebrities and everyday people  rap about what they would do for the "dick" or "pussy." Reedy started the challenge back in April with a freestyle.

So far, celebs like Erykah Badu, Sanaa Lathan, Issa Rae and Cardi B have released videos for the challenge, and no one has really mention where it came from.

"I haven't received no extra benefit from this song whatsoever. Not a single dime," Reedy told TMZ. "No endorsements, no anything. I'm highly upset, because I'm not getting the credit that I deserve. Today was the first day I ever spoke on it."
The young rapper wants people to know that she isn't upset, just confused why no one is acknowledging her as the creator of the challenge.

“I’m loving the fact that the celebrities are doing it," she explained. "I just want them to know where it came from. That’s all. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m loving everybody’s challenges. I just want people to know where it came from. It came from me. Obama can do it, Donald Trump can do it. As long as he posts, ‘I got this from Reedy’ [or] ‘Inspired by Reedy.’ I don’t care who do it, just let it be known who did it first.”
Why do you think Reedy's not getting her due credit?

I don't think I can RAT tho I see you in heaven for that dick cause I Rather DIE!!!

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