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Omelly Says He's Ignoring Doctor's Orders After Being Shot [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

As we reported earlier this week, Omelly was shot in North Camden, N.J., and so far the DreamChaser is keeping quiet about the details.

But he did release an Instagram video after the shooting.  And even though doctors told him to stay in bed, he ignored their orders altogether.

"They want me to lay in the bed all day. I ain't gonna lay in no bed," said Omelly "I ain't going for this. It's going down at Onyx tonight. I need something for this pain too ... I'm gonna walk it off, though."

Again, there's no word on what happened to Omelly, whether he was shot intentionally or whether he got in the way of someone else's bullet. Either way, it doesn't look like he'll be resting up that much longer based on the IG clip.

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Why do you think Omelly posted this video and told everyone that he's ignoring the doctors?

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