Dez Bryant Responds To Backlash After Speaking On Players Protesting Anthem

By Daryl Nelson

Even though the official start of the 2017 NFL season hasn't arrived yet, players like Marshawn Lynch have already decided to go the Colin Kaepernick route by not standing for the National Anthem before games.

On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked about players protesting the Anthem, and he decided to give a neutral response.

"Whatever they got going on with that, that's them," he told a reporter. "I don't really have nothing to say about that."
It didn't take long for the folks on social media to get at Bryant for his answer, so he went on Twitter to re-explain himself. In short, the 28-year-old said that he didn't feel like being interviewed at the time, and that's why he sounded like he didn't care about current social issues.


What do think? Was Dez wrong for giving that answer, or should he be allowed to play neutral when being asked those kinds of questions?

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