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Pete Rock And New York Producer Digga Argue Over The Term 'Old Head'

By Daryl Nelson

It seems that older Hip Hop artists are getting tired of being called "old heads." Just ask Pete Rock.

Earlier this week New York City producer Darrell "Digga" Branch -- who's crafted beats for Cam'ron, JAY-Z and others --  told the older people in the rap game to stop complaining so much.

This ain't only a young man's game. Don't believe that. Fans are getting older but not the music. Grateful Dead, Frankie Beverly, etc are still touring and streaming. #beatgame #sixfigga #producersparadigm #harlemfinest #beatmaker #mpc #independentartist #hiphop

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Afterward, Rock responded in Digga's comments section and blasted him for his words. In fact, the argument was similar to the one Pete had with Lil Yachty last year.

"Don't demean then offer advice," wrote the legendary producer. "We old heads not 80 years old. You want people to listen to you after your 'old head' comment? GTFOH. There is a better way to say what you saying without the name calling ... That bullshit old head comment can kick rocks, mofo. Looking for attention ... That ain't no life. Try doing what I do instead of throwing jabs at true motherfuckers ... I got a history to back up anything you come out your face with. Sick of mofos talking shit about professionals who made a mark. Eff you with that garbage, @sixfigga_digga."
After that Digga responded and tried to re-explain himself.

"Woah, woah, woah, legend. Calm down," he wrote. "You're taking the quote the wrong way. My point is simple. Old heads, veterans or whatever you want to label us (including myself I'm 42) need to continue growing with their audience for the next 20 years. I wanna hear and create music until I die. I don't wanna waste too [much] on young mofos who won't be around next year. Your resumé speaks for itself as does mines. All I'm saying is the path is there for whoever want it without worrying about the youngins."
What are your thoughts on this? Is it offensive to call a person who's still active in the rap game an "old head?" Furthermore, should older rappers and producers focus less on reaching younger fans and focus more on the people closer to their own age who still love Hip Hop music?

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