Redman Tells Story Of 2Pac Approaching Keith Murray After Hearing LL Cool J's 'I Shot Ya' Remix [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

When the East Coast and West Coast were beefing, 2Pac had a problem with the remix of LL Cool J's 'I Shot Ya,' featuring Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe and Foxy Brown. At one point, Pac approached Murray about the song.

"[He had an] issue with the record 'I Shot Ya,'" Keith explained in a past interview. "His homeboy asked me, 2Pac didn't ask me. But then 2Pac walked over after his homeboy asked me, 'Were we talking about him on the record?' 'Nah, we not talking about you.' Shook hands and that was it."
Redman was right there when Pac confronted Murray. In a new interview with VladTV, he explained he would've had Keith's back if worse came to worse.

"I was right there, because I'm a rider," said Redman. "And if my boy in trouble or whatever, I don't care what coast we on, we banging out, and it got close to that situation."
Otherwise, Redman explained that he didn't have a problem with Pac, mainly because he was Treach's boy, and Red is cool with the Naughty By Nature frontman.

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You can see Redman's interview about Pac and Murray below.

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