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Young Thug Receives Backlash After Dropping Trailer For 'Beautiful Thugger Girls' Album

By Daryl Nelson

As we reported yesterday, Young Thug released the artwork and tracklist for his new album, originally called Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, but now shortened to just Beautiful Thugger Girls.

He also posted a trailer for the new LP, and some people on Twitter didn't seem to like it.

The clip shows a young woman getting jumped and beaten by a group of other women dressed in black and wearing masks. One of them even uses a bat to pummel the victim. Then later, you see the beaten woman tied up, and her attackers write the name of Thug's LP on her face using tape.

After it was released, some were confused why the Atlanta rapper would use such violent imagery to promote an album, and others blasted him for not casting a black woman. You can see the clip below.

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What do you think about Thugger's new trailer? Is it good for promoting his album or is it offensive?