Rob Stone Says His Beef With XXXTentacion Will Only Get Worse [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

A couple of days ago, we shared an interview with Rob Stone, in which he talked about XXXTentacion getting attacked in San Diego.

Now he's talking about the person who got stabbed.

Right after the incident, X spoke with TMZ and implied the person who got stabbed was the same person who falcon punched him as he performed.

However, that ended up not being the case. But people were still concerned that maybe even Stone was hurt, so he spoke about the incident on video.

"I'm alive and well," he said. "I didn't get stabbed, okay? Just for all the people that was concerned about me getting stabbed. All my homies is alive and well. I don't know what the fuck that's about, but I feel bad for the person that did get stabbed."
Afterward, Stone confirmed that he didn't even know the person who was stabbed and said the beef between him and X won't get better any time soon.

"This shit is just getting crazy, and it's only going to get worse," he said. "You can not sit and talk shit about people or talk shit to people. Ya'll can't do that shit. I'm talking to everybody in the world right now. I'm not talking to a specific person. You can not sit and talk shit to motherfuckers and go to their city and not expect somebody in the city to feel some type of way about that."
Where do you think this beef between Stone and XXXTentacion will go from here? You can watch Rob's full video below.

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