Rocko Files New Court Docs To Find Out How Much Money Future Is Making

By Daryl Nelson

Rocko wants to know how much Future is earning off his music but says the rapper's lawyers are making that impossible.

According to TMZ, Rocko filed new court documents in his ongoing suit against Future, so a judge can help him figure out how much he's making off his music. Rocko claims Hendrix's legal team is giving him a bunch of slick talk and legal jargon to avoid releasing their client's financial information.

Earlier this month, Rocko filed separate court docs and asked a judge to force Future to put some of his tour money into escrow, since he believes the rapper will blow it all and not give him any.

As we previously reported, the 37-year-old sued the Dirty Sprite creator for $10 million. He says his former friend reneged on the contract they had after signing to Epic Records.

Of course, it's not a shock that Future isn't being more forthcoming with Rocko, and it'll really be surprising if he pays even half of that $10 million.

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